Monday, 8 May 2017

Bye Bye Budapest, Hello Berlin

Firstly what are we thinking of the new graphic??? Do we like it?

Some of you may have seen that I had a trip to Budapest booked, unfortunately I made a mistake that I should have known better than to make. Flights where £41 when I originally looked. When I went back a few days later they where up in the £90's and know they are over £130.

Flights can be expensive and I don't mind paying for them but after seeing them so cheap originally I didn't now want to pay that much. So I had a rethink. If any of you have used Skyscanner you might know about a handy little feature they have where you can put in your dates, the airport you want to leave from and then search everywhere and they will show you the cheapest flights available for those days.

So the research for a new city started, I live near East Midlands Airport and my boyfriend lives in London giving us Luton, Stanstead and Heathrow to pick from. We are also slightly flexible on dates by a few days either way, so I started searching! There was some great deals such a Luxembourg for £19 return, but we didn't want to go somewhere just because it's cheap. My boyfriend has never travelled before apart from a cycling trip through France when he finished high school, so I wanted to make sure we are going to a city that will hopefully help give him the travel bug.

The trick was finding somewhere that not only had cheap flight but also reasonable accommodations, when i'm by myself I always go for a hostel, partly for the price and partly because when you're alone it's so much easier to meet people in a hostel where as a hotel you are by yourself. However for our first trip away together I want it to be nice and bunk beds was not appealing to me.

Using Skyscanner I found lots of cheap flights and was interested in Paris and Dublin however even the most basic hotels where far outside our budget. Then I saw Berlin flights, they where slightly more expensive at £50 return, but that's not crazy and the difference is the hotel prices! Being a budget traveller I went and found the cheapest one an Ibis 0.9 mile from the city centre for £67 per night, my boyfriend however said he'd like a little bit more luxury!

As we don't see each other that often (he is in his final year of university and I work (9 - 5 in a different city) finding somewhere we both wanted was a bit tricky, so on the phone we both got Trivago up and looked at places together eventually deciding on the Fjord Hotel, 0.8 miles from the city centre £263 for 3 nights. Making it £130ish each or £43 each per night.

So therefore no more Budapest but Berlin instead! Budapest will happen at some point when the crazy flight prices come down!

Now I need your help! Recommendations for Berlin obviously I know about Check Point Charlie, the jewish museum, the Reinstag etc... and plan on a walking tour at some point but I need other suggestions too for fun maybe slightly different things to do as well as bars and club!

Comment below with you ideas

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