Monday, 21 August 2017

Battersea Park Adventure

Last weekend while in London I took a trip to Battersea park which i'm going to be honest I didn't know existed until the day before! Definitely learn something knew every day haha

Luckily I had my boyfriend with me who has been before and knew his way around, there are so many activities to choose from in the park everything from bike hire to pitch and putt and even Go Ape! We went on a Saturday morning so it was fairly busy with runners, cyclists and people working out on the outdoor gym area. We headed straight to the bike hire to get recumbent bikes of which my boyfriend had talked excitedly about for the last 12 hours. Upon seeing them I wasn't so keen...

Recumbent bikes sort of look like Go-karts, 3 wheels, really low to the ground and instead of steering with handle bars you steer with your bum by leaning to the side you want to turn to. I'm not gonna lie I hated the first 5 minutes I could not get the hang of it what so ever and after a few sharp words at my poor boyfriend who was just trying to help I got going!

It did actually turn out to be really fun and the park was full of people using them, they cost us £11 each for one hour which was plenty of time as they are a bit of a work out!

After our little recumbent work out we headed to the pizza restaurant by the pitch and putt, you can eat in or takeout and as it was fairly busy with it being a Saturday. We had takeout so we could eat on one of the many grassy areas in the park. We both got a margarita (for cost reasons) which where £10 each. They where honestly amazing, freshly made in a stone bake oven, the tomato sauce was incredible, honestly one of the best pizzas I've ever had and I've eaten a lot of pizza in my life.

After eating we considered pitch and putt or maybe Go Ape but with our limited budgets and how busy both where, we decided against them and went for a walk instead. The park has many pathways you can follow as well as gates along these allowing you to go into the wooded areas instead which we did to explore a little and ended up in the tropical gardens around the lake.

We had a lovely day out and I would really recommend a visit here for anyone in London, its nice to see a bit of nature and wildlife in the city and great for getting exercise, exploring and just generally have a lot of fun! Like most things in London the activities can get a little pricey so picking your favourites is a good idea for those on a budget but it's still lovely for a walk and a picnic if your want a free day out

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