Friday, 25 August 2017

Brighton Day Trip!

I challenged my boyfriend to plan a day out for us when I visited London last week, I am the planner and organiser in our relationship so I thought it was about time he had a go at sorting out an activity! For those of you that don't know we are currently long distance as he lives in London and i'm in Nottingham so we do have to plan our visits to each other.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by the plan he came up with, a day trip to Brighton! I feel like it was inspired by our day in Skegness the week before, but I was excited to go to Brighton where I have never been especially as it is talked about so much.

We got the train from London Blackfriars to Brighton for £11.20 each with a off-peak day return which gave us flexibility to not have to be back for a certain time. We arrived in Brighton just before midday  after the 1 hour 20 train ride. We followed everyone else heading out the train station straight down to the beach, you can actually see the sea from the train station exit. Once there we headed for the nearest land mark, the Palace Pier by walking along the edge of the beach. The walk is lined with cafes, shops and a fishing museum which is free and had loads of information and old pictures of Brighton form the 1800's so definitely worth a quick visit of you're there.

The Palace Pier is pretty famous and also fairly new after the old pier burnt down, you can still see the burnt out remains standing in the sea! The pier is covered in ice cream, doughnut, fish and chip and crepe shop but once you get through them there are some independent stalls along the pier with sweets and souvenirs, this is all before you get to the main attraction the arcade and fun fair!

Being a typical boy my boyfriend insisted we stopped and played on a racing game which i won! And am very very proud about that fact as I never beat him on stuff like that. Our budget friendly trip did not include going on the rides as they where pretty pricey and with he extremely high winds some where closed anyway. I did however take the opportunity for a photo op at the end of the pier and just about got blown away.

Next stop was lunch via the famous Brighton lanes. The lanes are a area of alley ways criss crossing together full of all sorts of shops with just about everything you could want. They are beautiful, full of bunting, flowers, hidden squares with fountains and much more. Exploring these was probably the highlight of my trip to Brighton.

We had burritos at Torilla for lunch before heading back into the lanes and discovered Ben's cookies, and I am not exaggerating that they are the most wonderful cookies that I have ever had, we shared a peanut butter and a triple chocolate. They where soft and gooey in the middle and just amazing!

To continue the food tour we headed to Dum Dum Doughnuts for a Galaxy and a Crutella doughnut, the Galaxy was filled with blueberry and vanilla cream while the Crutella was made from croissant dough and filled with hazelnut sauce.

To let our food babies goes down we headed to the beach for a sit, unfortunately Brightons beach is stones not sand but it wasn't too bad, due to the wind we picked a spot by a wall for shelter and chilled out here until it started to get cold including the obligatory bury each other in sand (or stones).

We decided to head home at this point before the weather got bad, so headed back to the train station and jumped on the next train home thanks to our off-peak day return tickets.

We had a great time in Brighton and its definitely worth a trip down for anyone in London, it feels so far away from the city when its really not that far!

Has anyone else planned or had a day planned for you? Where did you go?

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