Sunday, 10 September 2017

6 places I want to visit in Europe

Amsterdam - Netherlands

Amsterdam is definitely top of my list, I am so desperate to go here and recently tried to organise a trip with friends but dates and prices didn't match up for us so it's been put off. I would love to visit the Anne Frank house, have a classic canal picture, ride bikes while exploring the city, visit the sex museums and much more! Everyone I know that’s been has loved it so I want to experience that too!

Prague - Czech Republic

This is a city I will admit to not knowing much about but again what I do know really makes me want to visit, I get the impressions it is a quainter traditional European city with lots of culture with all its gothic architecture. The Czech Republic is also a country I’ve not visited so I would love to add it to my list

Split & Dubrovnik - Croatia

There are 2 places I’d love to visit in Croatia first being split partly just for the beaches! I've not been on a relaxing 'holiday' for a very long time, for years they've either been extended travelling, city breaks where I’m cramming everything in or drinking holidays with friends to places like Ibiza or Malia so the weather and beautiful beaches are very appealing but I would also love to see at the Roman history which there is buckets off as the city was built in the 4th century!

Secondly, I would adore to visit Dubrovnik the city is a lot newer than Split as it was completed in the 16th century but it is still packed with history including a few palaces! It is also a set for Game of Thrones! It is just another city I have heard so much about and seems to be a must do for travelling Europe.

Santorini - Greece

This one is self-explanatory! Santorini is beautiful, every picture supports this, it is such a unique city with the white buildings built up the side of the hills. I have been to Greece several times including Stalis and Malia in Crete and to Kos and know I like the culture from those trips. Greece is just such a beautiful and ancient country that I would love to see more of starting with Santorini. I feel like it is a tranquil and relaxing place with endless streets to explore!

Reykjavik - Iceland

Another classic and all for the northern lights! Seeing the northern lights would be incredible and so different from anything you can experience in other European cities, obviously to see them you must travel a little way out to get rid of the city lights. September to April are the best time to see the lights so that also means getting a winter holiday full of snow! Also, a visit to the volcanic spa and exploring the Viking history of the city would be awesome too!

What’s on your European list? Do we share any of the same places?

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  1. I've been lucky enough to go to all of these places except for Amsterdam and Iceland and I would definitely recommend all of them! Prague in especially magical/beautiful in winter as well :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. Ah wow I'm so jealous! I'll definitely keep that in mind for Prague I've never down a winter city break so I'd love to experience it