Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Things to do in Sheffield - As recommended by Twitter!

I went to Sheffield Hallam University for 4 years, 3 for my BA and one for my Masters in which I mostly lived at home due to work and a horse. Therefore, you’d think that I’d have a long list of free/ budget things to do in Sheffield however both last year while my boyfriend was finishing his 3rd year and this coming year while he is going back for his masters I’ve been at a loss for activities.

There is the standard cinema, dinner, drinks etc… but that can be done anywhere. We once tried to go to the peak district but after driving for a while with no idea where we were going we stopped and walked across a bridge before getting back in the car and going home.

Therefore, I took to Twitter for some suggestions of free things and got a lot of suggestions so thought I’d compile them into one with a few of my own.


Botanical Gardens 
The botanical Gardens located on Eccesall Road are full of interesting plants, a green house, café and you can also go searching for the bear…

Endcliffe Park 
I have visited this park several times while at uni for picnics and have used it to run in as well however I have never ventured much further so with the help of Twitter some routes where suggested to me

Endcliffe Park through to the forge dam

Endcliffe park to Porter Valley 
Extended with the Sheffield round walk which is a 14 mile walk that links the city’s parks and woodlands

Suggested by - @GeorgeCredland @HelpSheffield @tim_Parkinson

The Peak District!
As mentioned above the last time didn’t go well we googled walking rotes but had trouble finding anything so when @mazyMixer suggested it on Twitter I asked for suggested routes and he came through with lots of ideas!

I personally will have a car so these routes are aimed towards that but for anyone near Eccy road you can catch the 271 towards Castleton and get off at Hathersage in Hope Valley which is a small village with walking routes in the Peaks which I visited in my second year.


Winter is approaching therefore indoor options are important!

Western Park Museum 
I have visted here before and it is an interesting place with exhibits on Sheffield life and the planet including animal models, they also have an exhibit that changes regularly. Not the biggest museum but will take up a few hours especially if you walk from the city centre area as the museum is located towards the University of Sheffield Campus

Millennium Gallery
This Gallery is located right in the city centre by the Sheffield Hallam City Campus and has lots of changing exhibits, a fun fact is that on my open day for Hallam I ate in the gallery café so it is a bit nostalgic for me. The café is on the ground floor with the exhibits above it, there are also several stalls with crafts and gifts which I always want to buy!

Peace/ Winter Gardens
Conveniently the Millennium Gallery leads right into the Peace/ Winter Gardens, which is a big green house full of tropical plants, they often have events here such as craft fairs in summer you will also find the grass areas by the fountains outside crowded with people sunbathing.

Graves Gallery
This Gallery is also located in the city centre by the Peace Gardens and is an art Gallery, they have 15 different rooms with a variety of exhibitions as well as a café.

Suggested by @margaretOT360 @GeorgeCredland 

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