Sunday, 29 October 2017

How To Fund My Next Trip

Firstly I'd like to say I don't actually know where i'm going to go, maybe back to camp in America and travel afterwards, maybe a trip round Europe or potentially further.
Whatever I choose to do i'm going to need money and after travelling in America with almost no money and missing out on things because I just couldn't afford it was pretty awful. So I don't want to be in the same situation again.

1. Live at home -  I could probably afford to move out into a 1 bed flat and live by myself, however that would mean all my money gone. I'd have nothing left for meals out, drinks, clothes etc... let alone saving. I think this is a standard one now on most people saving lists.

2. Transfer half my pay check to savings - if it's not in my current account I won't spend it, also when I look at my account and see that I don't actually have that much money in there it'll make me think twice before spending on things I don't need.

3. Be minimalist - just cut down on things, I don't need new books when I have loads I can re-read, I don't need another pair of shoes that are pretty similar to some i've already got and I don't need a going out top i'll wear very rarely.

4. Make full use of student/ work discount -  I have 3 year NUS card with about 2 years left on it, and while 10% discount isn't massive it's still something and I will be using this at every opportunity. Also after 3 months of working at my current job I will get a rather large amount of discount on the business products and it will make a massive difference as it's products I use every day multiple times and things that can get pretty expensive. The also included cards such a nectar and advantage points.

5. Drive carefully - recently I made a massive mistake and got caught speeding, so that £91 gone on a driver awareness course! So firstly no more of that, by driving carefully I also mean driving economically. Petrol is a massive out going for me especially with having a boyfriend that doesn't live in the same city as me so the less I spend on petrol the better.

6. Pack lunches/ snacks -  where I work there are so many food options in the building, 2 Starbucks stands, a Costa shop, a cafe and the company store meaning it'd be so easy to buy breakfast and lunch every day. A packed lunch will sae my budget and my waist line.

do you have any other ideas for me?

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